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"The Arts and Sciences are Avatars of Human Creativity"

Mae Jemison

A little Bit about me!

Artist Bio

Emma Chippendale is a freelance largescale Installation artist, photographer, collaborator, designer, muralist, and workshop facilitator based in Lincoln.

A Fine Art graduate of the University of Lincoln, a shortlist for 2021 Freeland Foundation painting prize, and a featured artist in the Hidden Stories portrait project By Emilie Nunn.

Emma is a professional freelance artist who has exhibited nationally, collaborated on projects commissioned by the Arts Council, National Heritage, private sector, and selected guest speaker.

Her practice includes engaging community lead workshops, to largescale ethically sourced installations seen at Doddington Hall as part of Christmas on The Riverbank 2022.

Other collaborative projects include ’The Same Boat' , funded by the Arts Council and exhibited at St Wulfram’s Church.

Live performative painting as part of 'The Bridge ' fringe festival produced by Imagineer Productions.

As a member of the collective XYZ.Alpha for the performance, Transference as part of the UK New Artist Nottingham Fringe festival takeover, and Lost Village Festival 2022/23. Emma is also the newest member of Imageskool, a graffiti, workshop and mural specialist company based in the Midlands.

Her ongoing personal works explore the narratives between the internal vascular system of the human body and those found within natures ephemeral cyclic seasons creating conversations whilst highlighting important topics such as sustainability, mental health, & environmentalism.

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Boston, England


Lives and works in the UK




2019-2022                                                         BA(Hons) Fine Art, The University of Lincoln UK


2017-2018                                                         HND Fine Art, Grantham College, UK


2017-2018                                                         HNC Fine ART, Grantham College, UK




2021                                                                   Freeland’s Foundation Painting Prize shortlist, Freeland’s Foundation, London UK




2024                                                                  St Martins Gallery, Lincoln, UK

2023                                                                  Stokes, The Lawn Café, UK


2023                                                                  Beyond Coffee, Collingham, Lincoln, UK


2021                                                                   Fading Within, Peter De Wint Project Space, Lincoln, UK


2020                                                                  A Journey of Intervention and Encounter, Online, UK


2020                                                                  My Prescription, Peter De Wint Project Space, Lincoln, UK




2024                                                                 The Pale, Lincoln, UK

2023                                                                  Autumn, Open Gallery, Halifax, UK

2023                                                                  The White Horse, Lincoln, UK


2023                                                                  Abstract, Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield, UK


2023                                                                  Graham Hunter Gallery, Baker Street, London UK

2023                                                                   Natures Endurance, The Artwork’s Gallery, Halifax, UK


2022                                                                   Renewal, The Stable Yard Gallery, Doddington Hall, UK


2020                                                                  Isolated Silence, Virtual Exhibition, UK


2018                                                                   Volt A Vision of Lasting Thought, St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, UK


2017                                                                   Flight, St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, UK




2022                                                                   Christmas on The Riverbank, Doddington Hall, Lincoln, UK


2021                                                                   The Same Boat, Soul City Arts, Arts Council funded,

St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, UK




2023                                                                  Lost Village, Witham St Hugh's, Lincoln, UK


2022                                                                  Lost Village, Witham St Hugh’s, Lincoln, UK 


2019                                                                  The Bridge Fringe Festival Live Paint, Imagineer Productions, Grantham, UK


2019                                                                  Transference, Live Performance with XYZ.Apha Collective, UK New Artists Fringe                                                                                                                                                                                           Festival, Nottingham UK



2024                                                                 Collingham Preschool, Collingham, Imageskool, UK

2024                                                                 Lincoln Youth Matters, Graffiti workshop, Lincoln, Imageskool, UK

2024                                                                  YMCA, Lincoln, Imageskool, UK


2023                                                                  Youth Centres Graffiti workshop, Imageskool, UK

2020                                                                  The Same Boat, Level 3 Art and Design Students, Grantham College, UK


2020                                                                  The Same Boat, Blue Coats, The Meres Primary School, Grantham, UK


2020                                                                  The Same Boat, Barrowby Primary School, Grantham, UK


2019                                                                   The Bridge, Fringe Festival, Spray Paint Workshops, Grantham, UK


2018                                                                   Arts Breakout, Process Art, The Methodist Church, Grantham, UK



2024                                                                          The Drill, Lincoln, UK


2024                                                                          Peafield Primary School, Imageskool, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

2023                                                                          Gordon Primary School, Imageskool, London, UK

2023                                                                           The Jolly Brewer, Imageskool, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK

2023                                                                           We are Nottingham, EMR, Imageskool, Nottinghamshire, UK

2023                                                                           Lost Village, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK



2024                                                                   Private Collector, Scunthorpe, UK

2023                                                                   Private Collector, Scunthorpe, UK

2022                                                                   Private Collector, Grantham, UK


2023                                                                   BBC Radio Lincolnshire

2023                                                                   Creative Process Talk, as part of Lincolnshire One Venues, Lincoln, UK



2023                                                                   Peterborough Celebrates Festival, Peterborough, UK                                        

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