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Artworks Gallery, Halifax


As a society we are increasingly aware of our responsibility to take notice of our environment and the impact our actions have upon it. This exhibition invites viewers to consider the role of the natural world. Is it a library of resources to be requested as needed? Is it the environment we depend on? Or a friend we are supposed to live alongside in harmony? The exhibition highlights how nature can breathe, feels emotions, and often continues to heal itself.

‘Nature’s Endurance’ includes a wide range of artworks from 89 international artists, including drawings, prints, paintings, photography, films, textiles and sculpture. Some works included in the exhibition have been created using materials from nature, whether flowers or driftwood, while others reflect on appearances and experiences of scenes in nature. These artworks respond to nature in varied and unique ways; personal to the individual who has created them and yet also inspiring viewers to consider their own responses to the enduring presence and power of nature
Selected Artwork for a group exhibition at the Artworks gallery in Halifax, in response to the theme, natures endurance, my interpretation of that meaning.
4ft x 6ft mixed media on Canvas
Completed using acrylic, spray paints, inks marker pens and decorated with gold leaf.
Set in a 19mm gold wooden floating frame.


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